Mood is what adds that something extra to a room or an event.
Details, fragrances and sounds come together to create harmony in interiors.

I oversee personal image, moods of interiors and rooms, providing solutions and projects with unique style.

I am always on the lookout for innovative materials to combine and merge with craftsmanship tradition and skill in the conception and production of articles made in Italy.

My passions and travels provide me with inspiration for the fusion of different styles, culminating in the most appropriate for each situation.

I work alongside architects and designers, helping them to breathe soul and personality into their projects, balancing the simple and the refined, tradition and innovation, achieved thanks to study of multisensorial schemes that perfectly balance shape, colour, light and sound.

I organise events or weddings using methodologies that respect the rules of design and visual equilibrium, interpreting clients’ desires in impeccable emotional “moods”.